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Hiya! My name is Tapo Chimbganda.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a determined and direct person. I have spent all of my adult life serving my community.  My community is diverse and its includes St Georges Ward. As a mental health therapist, I have worked in community settings. As a university professor, I did more than the teaching and research expected of me. I supported students and staff who were struggling with various issues. As the founder of a not-for-profit organisation, I built a community of supporters, advocates, and partners. I brought funding for youth employment, youth mental health and more to St Catharines.

I guarantee that I will do more than what is expected in service of my ward and the City of St Catharines. I am passionate about service and social justice. I'm a taxpayer who wants to see my taxes used compassionately and logically. I am a woman who wants equality and the freedom to choose my own way. I am an immigrant who wants to give back to my naturalised country. I am a professional who wants to succeed in my career. I am a resident and citizen of St Catharines who wants my community to thrive. I am here to make Ward 3 what you want it to be. 

My Experience

Resource Management Skills. 

In 2019, I founded Future Black Female, a not-for-profit organisation responding directly to some of the needs of Black girls and women in Niagara Region and beyond. Since its inception, my organization has brought thousands of dollars in funding for the Black girls and women in this region. I'm often asked why I only focus on that demographic. The simple answer is when you have limited resources, you use them wisely and efficiently to the greatest benefit. I am wise, I am efficient, and my resource management skills will benefit Ward 3 and St Catharines. 

Research and

Problem-Solving Skills.

I first moved to St Catharines in 2010 after completing my masters in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Dublin, Ireland. I worked at Quest Community Health Centre as a psychotherapist. It was during that period that I fell in love with this city and no matter where I have gone since, I have called this city my home. (FYI: I've lived on 3 continents, in 9 cities in 5 countries in the last 20 years). I left St Cathrines to pursue my doctoral studies at York University. This period of learning opened my eyes to the true meaning of determination and resilience. I engaged with a lot of enriching experiences. And that is what I am offering Ward 3 and St Catharines  - the benefit of my experiences. 

Agile Skills.

I came to Canada in 2001 as a young immigrant from Zimbabwe. In 2005, I moved to Ireland to be closer to my family. I could tell you many stories about the immigrant experience, but let me summarise it this way - it is growth, it is opportunity, and it is success. All of which require sacrifice, hard work, and faith. I am a veteran in all three and I am offering that benefit to Ward 3 and St Catharines. 

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